The American Lake Veterans Golf Course is dedicated to providing, teaching and promoting the benefits of golf to veterans. It is the nation’s only golf course designed specifically for the rehabilitation of wounded and disabled vets.  Exclusive, state-of-the-art equipment allows golfers with a wide range of disabilities, such as blindness, amputation, and emotional trauma independent access all the course has to offer.

The American Lake Veterans Golf Course is committed to providing a therapeutic environment where accommodation is welcome and all golfers can enjoy the benefits of golf, such as exercise and relaxation in a positive and accepting social environment. With these benefits it is our vision that through golf, veterans will increase their independence and improve their attitudes toward health and thus, their lives will be enriched.


hours of operation

The course hours of operation vary with the season as outlined below. The course is open seven days a week except Thanksgiving and New Years day and during the last two weeks of December. Tee times are not required, first come, first serve. Please check with the front desk on Mondays to determine if the range is open or closed. No tokens will be sold two hours before close of business.


2017 Seasonal Hours of operation

  • January 3 to March 11th      - 8 am to 4 pm

  • March 12 to April 2nd         - 8 am to 6 pm

  • April 3 to April 30th            - 8 am to 7 pm

  • May 1 to September 3rd       - 8 am to 8 pm

  • September 4 to October 1st  - 8 am to 7 pm

  • October 2 to November 4th  - 8 am to 6 pm

  • November 5 to December 10 - 8 am to 4 pm

Closed from December 11th to January 2, 2018



  • Snow - When snow has accumulated on the golf course, the entire course, to include club house, will be closed until the snow has completely melted on the entire course.
  • Frost – When frost is on the grass, the club house will be open but the course will be closed and no golf will be allowed on the course until the frost has cleared off the entire course.  This usually takes a couple hours each winter morning so the course should be playable by 10:00 AM.
  • Thunderstorms/Lightning – The golf course will be closed to play during all thunderstorms and signs of lightning.  Once the thunderstorm has passed, play will be allowed to resume.